3 Artworks that Spark Joy

Memento Artem


Tidying expert and author Marie Kondo has recently become a viral sensation with her new Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” She encourages those trying to organize their homes to identify items which spark joy. Kondo says these items create a feeling of “a little thrill.” The same thing can be said about artwork. Art is an amazing medium known to create emotional responses for viewers. Here are three artworks that can spark joy.

“The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt

“The Kiss” is one of Gustav Klimt’s most well-known works. It’s a piece for a hopeless romantic. A couple of lovers clad in golden robes are embracing. They’re in an ethereal, golden space where there’s nothing but a garden that’s springing from their intimacy. The man holds the woman in a tender, yet strong way, while the woman matches the tenderness and has a pose and look on her face that are both extremely serene. It’s a moment demonstrating the safety and warmth that comes from an act of love.

“A Corner of the Loge” by Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt was a trailblazer of the Impressionist era. Not only did she fight to be considered as an artist as seriously as her male contemporaries, she used her art to make powerful statements about women. “A Corner of the Loge” is an example of such art. In the painting, there’re two women attending the opera staring intently at what’s happening onstage. This scene contrasts with the time period it was painted in. Women opera attendees were expected to be escorted and dressed to attract the male gaze. However, Cassatt makes the painting focused on these women. They are front and center while the rest of the audience is distant and blurred. Cassatt wants us to know these women are independent and are at the opera to enjoy themselves, not as a display.


“The Snow Storm” by Shinsui Itō

“The Snow Storm” perfectly encapsulates the beauty of a snowfall. A young woman is elegantly making her way through a snow-covered landscape. This feeling of serenity reflects in the snow as it gracefully falls to the earth. The snow and the woman compliment each other to create a sense of inner calmness in the viewer leaving them in a peaceful and happy state. While these pieces may spark joy for some, others have the ability to stir up feelings of anger or sadness. Few things have as much power as art to be an emotional catalyst.

Cameron Cizek is a senior studying computing.