Blizzard Betrays Banquet

PC: Kayla Potts

PC: Kayla Potts


The blizzard that hit Nebraska on Feb. 23 caused multiple accidents, cancelled flights and has continued to cause road problems even days later. One major contributor to the road conditions is the overnight lows being below zero degrees. According to city maintenance officials, rock salt used on city streets will not melt below 15 degrees. And according to 10/11 News, Lancaster officials reported they are running low on salt and only have enough for one or two additional storms. 

During the blizzard Saturday, the Nebraska State Patrol reported three large pile-ups on Interstate 80 before it closed from Nebraska Highway 370 to Grand Island, Neb. The first accident near York Neb. involved an estimated 30 vehicles including 15 semitrucks. The second pile-up occurred near Aurora, Neb. with 15 vehicles, including 10 semis. And around 4 p.m. there was a third large accident involving 25 vehicles, 15 of which being semis. 

There were no fatalities in any of these accidents. However, because of the continued icy storm conditions there was a crash Monday morning between Waverly and Greenwood that left one person dead. In total Nebraska State Patrol responded to more than 350 weather-related incidents during and after the blizzard. For some students who live further away, the road conditions had them staying with friends closer to campus. One such student, Chrissy Gaban, stated, “I wish I was like the Human Torch from ‘Fantastic Four,’ so I could melt all the snow around me and never be cold.” 

Gaban was part of a group of students from campus ministries who had to cancel a trip to a Campus Ministries Convention in Texas because of the blizzard. 

Another side effect of the storm was the cancellation of banquet. Angenita Pierre-Louis, ASB president stated, “Due to unforeseen weather and for the safety of our students we, the ASB team, decided to cancel banquet. But don’t worry, we’re hoping to give you an Italian masquerade on another date. Thank you for your patience and understanding.” The ASB officers created an alternative event for the students in Woods Auditorium. Pizza, snacks and games were provided. 

The snow will return yet again Friday morning and could impede travel as students start to disperse for spring break. 

Maegan Luckiesh is a senior studying graphic design.