Graduation, Sleeping and Dogs

PC: Levi Ventura

PC: Levi Ventura

Hey Hannah


Hey Hannah,

My divorced parents are coming into town for graduation and both have new spouses. Any advice on how to navigate the kinda tense situation?


Hey Mediator,

I say let them figure it out. Graduation is about you and you shouldn’t have to worry about tense situations on your day! If you’re really worried, talk to your parents about it to try finding a solution that works for everyone.

Hey Hannah,

What’s the best way to get in shape with the limited time around finals?


Hello Inactive,

There aren’t any healthy quick fixes. Do what you can each day to choose healthy meal options and find time to work out. Getting in shape is about consistency.

You aren’t going to see results right away on the outside, but I guarantee you’ll feel better about yourself when you take care of your body. Find workouts that keep you motivated!

Hey Hannah,

I slept through class twice this week ... How do I stay motivated to go to class?


What’s up ZZzz,

Start setting daily goals for yourself. Try to reach your homework goals and try to get more sleep. You’re not going to get motivated until you take action. Your future matters, so don’t procrastinate until it’s too late.You decide how well you want to do.

Hey Hannah,

Should I buy a dog?

—Dog Daze

Hey Dog Daze,

I’m an advocate for only getting a dog when you’re in a stable place in your life. If you feel your life is stable, then go for it! It’s up to you though. Everyone has different opinions.

Hey Hannah,

How do I find a balance between getting ready for finals and keeping up with everything else?

—Balancing act

Hey Balancing act,

Find something that relaxes you. Make time for studying but don’t forget to have fun and do activities that you enjoy! Prioritize the stressors in your life and let go of the things you can’t change.

Hannah Armstrong is a junior studying health and human performance.