Hidden in haymarket


Unique to Lincoln is the historical area of the Haymarket. Hidden within the Haymarket is a quaint little coffee shop that evolves into a lively space on Monday evenings. At that time, Crescent Moon Coffee hosts open mic poetry from 7 p.m. until the last poet has the chance to speak. The event is open to all. For example, some choose to read the works of old great poets such as Robert Frost or Edgar Allan Poe, while others may read the contemporary compositions of Maya Angelou or Sarah Kay. My suggestion, however, is to take a chance and read a poem of your own.

My journey is simple. During freshman year of college, my roommate introduced the idea and opportunity to present poetry on stage at Crescent Moon. I have been writing poetry since middle school but knew I had to challenge myself.

So, I did. I wrote a passionate poem about my stage fright. My poem also included the importance of the moment, as I was the first to be participating in such an activity from my hometown. Crescent Moon allowed me to open up to new ideas and new people. I’m now a regular attendee, but I still reminisce on my poem from my first attendance:

“The beginning is the sun rising in the morning

Cascading rays of gorgeous light exploring

Greens fields and speckled deserts

Making the choices not to depart

With you and me standing together

How this beginning is unlike any other”

Inspired by “The beginning is always today.”

― Mary Shelley

Gianna Starr is a senior studying history.