How to Not Start the Semester

PC: Kayla Potts

PC: Kayla Potts



After three weeks of rest and relaxation we’re back to the grind. No more sleeping in or lounging around on the couch watching TV for hours. Getting back into the swing of school can be difficult, and I’m sure some of us are still in break mode, myself included.

However, it’s officially the third week back to school and we have work that needs to get done. Here’s a checklist of things to determine if you’re starting the semester off wrong.

You’re eating tons of junk food

A lot of the time this is how I cope with the stress of school and I know I’m not alone, but it’s not healthy to consistently overindulge. Try eating nutritional foods, throw some fruit into your snack bin, pick food that gives you energy.

You’re staying up until 3 a.m. watching Netflix

I know this is a tempting option, but you should get enough sleep to start of the semester with your grades high and the bags under your eyes nonexistent.

You’re oversleeping

Your alarm clock is your best friend. I understand we’re exhausted college students, but tuition is too expensive to sleep through class. I know your bed is comfortable, but you have things to do.   

You’re going to class unprepared

Please don’t forget your backpack with all your school materials inside. Take some time to put all the essentials in your bag so you can be prepared. If you use your laptop frequently, make sure it’s charged ahead of time. Planning is key.

You keep forgetting to write down important assignments

Planners are a great investment and have been a great tool in helping me succeed through out my college career. Teachers are always piling on the homework, so write it down before you forget to ensure you’re assignments are getting done on time.

You’re procrastinating

The words “college student” and “procrastination” often go hand in hand.  This semester try to find some motivation to stay on top of all that homework (at least for the first few weeks of school.) We’re not burned out yet, take advantage of it! If you checked all the boxes, unfortunately you’re indeed starting your semester off wrong. Friend, it’s time to get it together. The semester is just starting, you can still change things around. The new year is a perfect opportunity to make the best of a new semester.

Alaysha Harris is a senior studying communication.