Picture provided by Madison Kamarad

Picture provided by Madison Kamarad

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The Pagudpud Adventist Wellness Center staff, church family and student missionaries are inviting you to join us in #bandwagonproject. The Bandwagon Project aims to raise enough money by the end of our mission year to purchase a new van to better serve the community.

The van the clinic currently uses is old and breaking down. Getting a new van will provide ways to better serve the community. The clinic will be able to use the van to make trips to other Barangays and towns. The church will be able to offer shuttle services to church members that live far away or give Bible studies to distant community members. The van will also benefit future student missionaries who plan to come here and serve in the Philippines.

We’re aiming to raise $10,000 (USD) to contribute to the purchase of the van. We have decided to design t-shirts through a company called “Fund the Nations.” Fund the Nations is a mission-minded t-shirt company that helps raise money towards mission projects. These shirts will be available to you for a minimum of $20. If you would like to support #bandwagonproject and purchase a shirt, please talk to campus ministries for more details or donate online at: https://inhisserviceamianan.managedmissions.com/MyTrip/tshirtvan1

Madison Kamarad is a junior studying international rescue and relief.