Studying Abroad


I expected my time in Argentina to be fun; I’d learn a new language and make pretty pictures to show my friends. What I didn’t expect, was to learn an entire new way of thinking.

I didn’t expect to experience the life-opening perspective shift that immersing yourself in another country’s day-to-day beauty and life brings. Yes, this year abroad would look great on my resume and yes, I maintained a great looking blog, but I wasn’t ready for how much more confident and myself I became. Abroad, you’re forced to stretch and grow through experiences that you might never have otherwise. You get to be you; whether that means reinventing yourself entirely or taking time to examine who you are now and deepening that person. Going abroad can be intimidating, but that’s why I’m here and each ACA director at each of our sister schools abroad are here for. We want to help you decide if being abroad works for you.

May you continue to learn about all that is different, and yet all that is the same between each of us.

Elena Cornwell is the ACA Coordinator for Union College.