Ways to Stay Fit and Not Get Bored

PC: Levi Ventura

PC: Levi Ventura


If you don’t love what you’re doing, that’s a great sign you need a change. This can apply to anything, from a career choice to weekend activities. It also applies to exercise. Some people really love the gym and that’s great but what about those who hate the gym but still want to stay fit? Often times when we think of working out, we think of two activities: the gym and running.

This works for some people but it’s not right for others. Finding something you enjoy is key to staying motivated. Now of course you may not feel like doing a specific activity everyday, but if you never feel like doing it, that’s also a problem.

What are some activities you can do if you absolutely despise the gym and running just isn’t your thing? Almost anything that involves movement can be turned into a workout. The key is finding something you enjoy.

I love anything that involves the outdoors—some of my favorites are biking, cross country running and horseback riding (for those of you who don’t think this a workout, trust me, it definitely is).

Some other outdoor ideas include kayaking, rock climbing and sports such as tennis, soccer, basketball or softball.

If you really love sports but your friends aren’t always available to join you, consider joining a county league by contacting your county’s recreation department. They’ll let you know which teams still need players. Keep in mind you don’t need to be a pro at a sport to begin. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Other activities include dancing, yoga, crossfit, kickboxing and skateboarding. Any sort of water sport is great too, as well as snow skiing and snowboarding in the snowy months. Also, remember it’s totally cool for us ladies to lift weights. I think many women tend to think that if they lift weights they’ll get ripped like guys.

This isn’t true because of the decreased testosterone levels. Major muscle gain in women requires extreme exercise for hours each day, which I assume most of us don’t have time for. Lift away gals!

All-in-all, explore your options. Find a partner to hold you accountable and try a new activity until you find one that works for you. You may want to alternate between different activities. I personally have more than one I enjoy and the variety keeps me from getting bored.

I encourage you to grab your water bottle, put on your favorite music and find a workout you actually enjoy!

Lena Wilkie is a sophomore studying international rescue and relief.