Who i am


S.S. Sports


Hello Union! My name is Sierra Sanchez and I am from Vista, California. As a freshman, I am not quite used to the college or Nebraskan life. I am an 18 year old and am majoring in Biomedical Sciences. I try to be positive and share it with those around me. I am reliable and am always willing to help. I am told that I am very soft spoken and very respectful to everyone, but I tend to overthink things I do. The main reason I came to Union was to experience a new environment where I could focus on my studies without any distractions from back home. I am excited to write for the Clocktower because I see it as an opportunity to get to know my peers and expand my writing skills.

My favorite sports teams include the Oakland Raiders, New York Yankees, Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Dodgers (but that is a secret one). This semester, I will be writing about world-wide, national and Union sporting events. I will write about the NFL Playoffs, the NBA Finals, the World Series and the World Cup, as well as Union sports such as volleyball, soccer and intramural football. I will mention upcoming Union varsity games so that you may attend and support our Warriors. The Nebraska Cornhuskers, the pride and joy of Nebraska, will also be covered for the college football lovers out there.

Sports is a big part of the college experience. Attending games to experience school spirit and support those who play make great memories. This coming semester will be a good one for the Clocktower sports section. So hang tight.

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