The Chronicles of America: The Lion, the Witch and the Cheetoh.




First, midterm elections are coming up and Obama is stirring the pot. In a speech, he called out Trump, breaking the tradition of not criticizing sitting presidents. Obama emphasized topics like health care, racism and economic growth (specifically how Trump is lacking in those areas). In response, Trump decided to make a list of all the things he’s done during his presidential term with bullet points!

It was four whole pages and he was just so proud of it. Way to go, Trump! Seriously though, midterm elections are coming up and it’s important to vote.

If you think voting is difficult or hard to understand, Union can help! Be on the lookout  for more information and a chance to register here on campus, Sept. 24.

Next, an off-duty police officer in Dallas came home to an intruder who she then killed. But wait--it wasn’t even her apartment! That’s right, she went into someone else’s apartment and shot them in their own home.

According to the report, she parked on the wrong floor and when she went in, there was a silhouette in the dark, so she pulled out her weapon and apparently the resident ignored her warnings so she shot and killed Botham Jean. The police officer has been charged with manslaughter and cops are again a focal point of conversation.

Police officers need to be held to a higher standard, yet that’s sometimes overlooked. But hey, back the blue right?

Lastly, the US open championship has people talking. Serena Williams, winner of 13 Grand Slams, played against Naomi Osaka, an up-and-coming opponent from Japan.

In this tournament, the referee gave Serena a warning for receiving coaching (against the rules in games, but not typically enforced) and a second penalty for smashing her racket.

After losing the next couple matches, Serena again confronted the referee about his unjust penalties, which he viewed as abuse and took a game away from her.

People are outraged at this punishment because of its sexism. It may just look like a normal tennis match where Serena threw a temper tantrum, but this referee has actually treated similar situations differently with male tennis players, being much more lax on them. Yet when his style changed for Serena, his sexism became evident.

Can’t wait to keep talking about how sexist our country is again *cue eye roll.*

Ashley Bower is a junior studying english language arts education.