Coach's Corner 91.6

We’ve all experienced being overwhelmed: a test in two days, a research paper that needs five more resources, a piling list of homeworks and a calendar of events that seem endless! I’ve been there myself when I attended Union, and I constantly asked myself, “How do I stay on top of my to-do’s and not fall behind?” Here are the steps that helped me:

  1. List ALL your tasks. Gather everything, from tests to your chores. Write them all down.
  2. Identify which tasks are important. Determine which ones have the soonest deadline from the ones that don’t.
  3. Order tasks by the amount of effort needed. Put quick tasks at the top of your list and give more room for longer tasks.
  4. Be flexible, adaptable and realistic. Break down a big task if you can’t finish it in one go. Changes happen, and if that occurs, move on to your next task instead of fuming over it.
  5. Know when to cut it. If you find that a task may take up to 2 a.m. to complete, look at your schedule for the next day and see if you can finish the rest tomorrow. You need your sleep too!

Prioritizing helps you manage and track your schedule and your to-do lists. Doing it regularly will help lower your stress levels and avoid falling behind. If you need help getting sorted, come visit us at the TLC.