Student Election Poll

If you were one of the 177 students who filled out the student election poll, THANK YOU! Discussing these issues and seeing what a sample of Union College students are thinking about this political season is important. Why? Because your opinion, your votes, matter. That said, here are the results.

Again, no personal information was attached and this information was gathered voluntarily and anonymously. The graphs show the breakdown of questions asked and some select comments are featured. 65 percent of respondents were female with 35 percent male.

If you have questions over the poll, feel free to email With that said, remember to keep your head up these next four years regardless of how the votes turnout.

Which political party do you identify with?

Republican: 31.6%

Independent: 23.7%

None: 20.3%

Democrat: 18.6%

Other: 5.6%

Which [one] of the following issues do you find most important in the 2016 presidential election?

Economy/Labor/Taxes: 20.9%

Freedom of Religion: 13.6%

Healthcare: 9.6%

Education: 9%

Foreign Policy: 7.9%

Race Issues: 7.3%

National Security: 6.8%

LGBTQ+ Rights/Other: 5.7%

Immigration: 5.6%

Climate Change/Environment: 5.1%

Reproductive Rights: 4.5%

Gun Control: 4%

Who are you voting for/who do you wish to see elected?

Don’t Know: 32.8%

Hillary Clinton: 26%

Donald Trump: 20.3%

Gary Johnson: 16.4%

Jill Stein: 4.5%


Why are you voting for your selected candidate?

  • Not Trump

  • Candidate matches my views on policies.

  • We need someone tough to get our country

  • I’m not sure, the candidates are ridiculous.

  • Lesser of the evils

  • I’m not voting because I don’t want to responsible for our demise

  • Waiting for the levels of idiocy to diminish

  • To vote against Hillary

Do you have any comments/opinions you wish to add about the election?

  • Can someone notable please run?

  • See you soon, Jesus

  • Disappointed I waited 20 years to vote for this

  • 2016 why

  • Little confidence, lots of prayer

  • “Wrong!” - Donald Trump

  • The election is rigged

  • I’m crying because President Obama will no longer be the President of the United States.

  • T-minus 10 days and my ballot is still empty.

Also, congratulations to Anisia Rodrigues for winning the $10 gift card!

Emily Wood is a senior studying communication