Everything matters at Zoup!

Zoup! is a soup, salad and sandwich fast food restaurant located near South Pointe Mall on Pine Lake Road. When you walk into this charming establishment, the first thing you notice is the comfortable atmosphere and cozy dining arrangement. Zoup! is devoted to bringing the people of Lincoln healthy, affordable dining options.

Their motto, “everything matters,” is evident in every aspect of the dining experience. Everything from the explanation of how Zoup! works from the cashier, to the unlimited number of delicious samples, to the relaxed mood created by the songs playing in the background as you dig into your piping hot bowl of soup, fresh salad or toasted sandwich shows Zoup!’s core values.

With more than 100 soup recipes, Zoup! daily rotates through them, giving customers 12 different options that vary from day to day. Their menu includes vegetarian, dairy free and low fat options.

While I sampled other soups upon visiting, I ultimately went with the Rustic Vegetable Bean soup to try one of their more popular vegetarian options. I really enjoyed the array of vegetables in the Rustic Vegetable Bean soup. They serve a portion of bread with every bowl of soup and the sourdough bread I ordered complemented the tomato-based soup perfectly. The soups were delicious.

Douglas Sheese, a senior general studies major, comments that Zoup! has a “nice feeling” and a “chill vibe.” He describes the establishment as having the “feel of a classy restaurant in a fast food place.” He enjoys the Pumpkin Pie soup and a Pesto Three-cheese sandwich.

Unfortunately, the day I went in to try Zoup! for the first time, there weren’t many vegetarian options in their daily rotation. This happens occasionally as they have many meat-based recipes. However, it is a guarantee that at least two vegetarian soups are available every day, in addition to salad and sandwich options.

Chicken Pot Pie and Lobster Bisque are two recipes that never rotate out. If you want to know which soup options will be available before you go, Zoup! provides an online soup list to help you choose.

Owner Todd Knorr expresses that the mission of Zoup! is to provide a “great environment, great products and great people.” He hopes to provide a fast, casual dining concept through Zoup! The restaurant on Pine Lake Road is the first of what will soon be two locations. The original establishment on Pine Lake Road has been open for two years and Knorr is in the process of expanding his business into Gateway Mall. This new location opens Thursday, February 11.

Zoup! is a healthy option for casual dining if you want to try something new.

Sara Roberts is a junior Business Administration and English major.