Dr. Frankie Rose announced as incoming vice president for Academic Administration

Dr. Frankie Rose will transition to his new office on June 1 // Zach Morrison

Dr. Frankie Rose will transition to his new office on June 1 // Zach Morrison

On January 27, Dr. Frankie Rose was named as the new vice president for Academic Administration, effective as of June 1, 2016.

As Dr. Rose transitions into his new position, he will be working to achieve several goals. The first goal is to increase enrollment by over 100 students. This will provide efficiency for running the college and increase the quality of academic programs. The second goal is to develop the best reputation for taking care of students’ needs. The final goal is have the best value proposition of all higher Adventist education institutions.

A long-time part of the Union College family, Dr. Rose began his freshman year at Union in 1997. After graduating from Union in 2002 with a pre-med degree, Dr. Rose enrolled at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, a medical school in Missouri. While in medical school for 1 and a half years, Dr. Rose had the opportunity to shadow physicians.

During this time, he realized his passion was not in practicing medicine.  

From 2004-2005, Dr. Rose participated in a one-year research fellowship. During this time he also worked in career counseling, which he enjoyed so much that the experience, combined with his fond memories of tutoring at Union, lead him to decide he would pursue a career as a science professor.

In 2009, Dr. Rose graduated from the University of Missouri with a Ph.D. in human molecular genetics, and in 2010, he began his first year as a professor in the Union College division of science and mathematics.

As a professor, Dr. Rose’s joy is working with students.

He is especially passionate about making sure “students feel and know their professors care about their success.”

Aside from his experience as a professor, Dr. Rose has also served in a variety of leadership roles. He was the chairman of the faculty senate, and sat on several other faculty committees. Dr. Rose also considers communication to be one of his top skill, mentioning that he enjoys working with faculty and that many encouraged him to pursue the position of vice president of Academic Administration.

In speaking of Dr. Rose’s strengths, Dr. Ben Holdsworth, an associate religion professor at Union, commented,“[Dr. Rose] excels at including people in idea development, facilitation of discussion and decision-making. He communicates clearly to faculty what he hopes to accomplish and in setting and achieving goals.”

Ultimately, as vice president for Academic Administration, Dr. Rose looks forward to partnering with students in making sure they can help shape the curriculum.

“All students should feel they are a valued partner in the academic side of Union College,” he shared.

As students graduate, he hopes more graduates will feel the sacrifice of time and money is worth their experience at Union College.

Angel Phillips is a sophomore studying business administration.