Why I love Union College

Union College has been home to me since I was born. Growing up, I went to the grade school and high school right next to Union, and I’ve been a member at College View Church since the beginning.

When I was applying to colleges, my first thought was I didn’t want to go to Union because “I would know everyone.” I thought it was so small I would only see my classmates from high school and make no new friends, something I truly love doing.

My freshman year I quickly learned my presumptions were false. Many new faces greeted me, and they were friendly, too!

In addition to these friendly faces, there are five more reasons why I love Union College.


It’s been nice over the years to have friends come to my house for Sabbath lunch, receive advice from my parents and see my family. Another plus about my family living locally is that my mom, Darla Peterson, works at Union. I know she and my dad are soon moving, but it’s nice to have those amazing memories I will cherish forever.

Home away from home

The second reason I love Union is that even though it is technically a college, I think of it more as my home. When I tell people I go to Union, what comes to mind is not the school but the people there whom I call family. I enjoy knowing every person who goes to Union has made the school not just a place to go to class, but a home that makes everyone feel welcomed.

Lifelong friendships

In high school, I had some hard times with my friend choices and would more than often come home in tears. Today, I can say I have some of the best friends in the world, and they all go to Union! If I hadn’t come to Union, I wouldn’t have met my amazing friends (shoutout to Adrienne Bohl). They are the kind of friends who build you up, are always there for you, and will tell you if you have food on your face instead of laughing at you. I will cherish these friends forever and will stay in touch with them until I die.


Having grown up here in Lincoln, taking a few minutes away from the hard-knock life of college to take trips down memory lane by driving by old houses or parks I played at as a kid is relaxing. I love how everywhere I go I have memories from my childhood and can make new memories with my college friends in the same area.

We’re all in this together

The last reason why I love Union is how this school welcomes everyone. I love the abundance of cultures and religions under one roof who can collaborate together. I’ve met Atheists, Lutherans, Christians, Catholics and members of other denominations all living and working together as a community.

I love Union because this campus is a loving, welcoming community accepting all people and will hopefully continue to do so over the years. Union is a place that will forever be my home.

Roxi Peterson is a senior communications major.