Winter Storm Warning

Could the rumor mill be true? Is a snow day in our forecast?

Well, if the 1,600-mile strip of snow-filled clouds expected to spread from Arizona to Michigan is any indication, we may be in luck. According to Accuweather, a blizzard watch is in effect Monday evening till Wednesday morning because of anticipated snowfall across the midwest.

“This is the type of storm that has the potential to shut down major highways,” says Accuweather meteorologist Becky Elliott in an article highlighting the storm. She warns that winds may reach up to 50 mph—and our community will be no exception.

Snowfall accumulations for Lincoln could range anywhere from 8 to 18 inches. While not confirmed, if we do find Tuesday morning in a whiteout, school may be cancelled.

But I wouldn’t procrastinate on your lab report just yet. The storm is still too far away to predict with 100 percent accuracy what may happen, and even then, storms of this size can have varying snowfall realities.

Regardless, be cautious and prepare accordingly. Better safe than sorry.