An update on senate

ASB Senate held a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21 allowing students to voice their opinions on campus life and academic procedures. Plenty of great ideas were bounced around, and important issues were mentioned.

Ideas ranged from long-term on-campus storage to offering fresh omelettes in the cafeteria deli. Issues that were brought up included problems with adjunct teachers, Gymnaires members having trouble getting all their worship credits, and how Engle Hall and Ress Hall are not fully handicap accessible.

Each time a new topic was brought up, the senators would facilitate a constructive conversation on how the ideas or issues could be addressed. For example, when J-Fiah Reeves suggested there be long-term on-campus storage, the senators and RAs that were present were all able to discuss the idea together.

Senate is the perfect place to bring your concerns and ideas. Instead of just complaining to your friends about how you wish the Prescott basement could be improved, bring the idea to your senator.

Also, students are always welcome at the bi-monthly Senate meetings, which are held at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays. Just let Executive Vice-President Anthony Gann know ahead of time that you want to sit in.

Autumn Mott is a sophomore studying communication.