Union Lifehacks

Don't leave it up to the caf to make a culinary masterpiece. Make it yourself! | PC: Jorrdan Bissell

Don't leave it up to the caf to make a culinary masterpiece. Make it yourself! | PC: Jorrdan Bissell

With all of the challenges college can present, many will agree that any tips and tricks help. In an effort to ease the burden, several Union students have shared their most helpful lifehacks for other Union students.


Unless you’re participating in HeartScan, a number of worship credits are required each semester. Aaron Beaudoin, a freshman computer science major, advises students to take advantage of the smaller worships available on campus. While Vespers and Chapel provide an enjoyable large group atmosphere, smaller Bible study groups or V2 allow you to see fellow peers leading out in worships. Often times, small groups are also a great opportunity to meet new people and really get to know one another.  Plus, these vary in times and are often shorter in length for the time-crunched student. “If you go to every hall worship,” says Beaudoin, “You just rake in the credits.”

Kayla Miller, a sophomore nursing major, advises against thinking of worship as just a time to earn credits. Relationships are vital, including a quality relationship with God. “Don’t do anything on the Sabbath,” she adds. “Use Sabbath as a time to get away from everything you would normally do.” This includes not doing homework, she stresses. She suggests to take the time to rest and  go outside.


Miller also advises learning ways to create variety in meals at Union Market. The cafeteria options may not always be the most appealing and can seem repetitive, but with a little creative energy, students can make their own combinations. For example, try putting those “fish” patties in a sandwich.

When creating variety, however, remember to separate your foods till AFTER you checkout and then get creative. Eric Carlson, a sophomore computer science and music major, works as a cashier in the cafeteria. He reminds students that adding sides, even just a small amount can lower the cost of a meal. “If you take ‘chicken’ nuggets,” he says, “and you sprinkle rice on top, it can save up to a dollar on your meal. Just make sure the cashier counts it as a side.”

Staying Healthy:

Kacie Medina, a sophomore elementary education major urges students to fit exercise into their schedules while at college. “Habits you form now are likely to be the habits you have later,” she says. Exercise not only prevents the “freshman fifteen” but also helps to relieve the stress we feel throughout the week.


Jovan Cross, a freshman biology major, urges students to organize everything they need the night before if getting up early. “Put everything you need inside your bag for that night.” Setting out your clothes, books, and other necessary items can quickly speed up your morning routine and help ensure you get to your class on time (especially if you tend to oversleep).


DJ Henderson, a freshman international rescue and relief major, gave one simple but important piece of advice  “Don’t hit next episode,” he warns.  “No matter how tempting.” Whether Netflix or Youtube, it can be too easy to get lost in a spiral of videos. Set a limit and stick to it.

Not Settling:

Guila Medrano, a sophomore biochemistry major, emphasizes the importance on not settling. “Don’t settle for a roommate,” she says. “Find that one person you can room with for four years. Don’t just tolerate.” She also advises on not settling on a church. Lincoln contains many Seventh-day Adventist churches aside from College View, including Piedmont Park, Allon Chapel, Northside and New Creation. If you find one church is not what you’re looking for, take time to try another.