Coach’s Corner: Registration Rush


There’s a rush that happens around this time of the semester. No, it’s not Black Friday shopping and I definitely think it’s still too early for Christmas shopping. However, just like shopping for the item you want, you also “shop” for the classes you want for next semester, and just like the real thing, shopping for classes and completing your registration list is a rush on its own! 

Some students have asked me what they can do to make this process bearable, and I’m here to give you some tips and advice on how you can minimize the registration traffic:

1. Visit your Financial Advisor (FA). We have some incredible FAs ready to assist you and they have many resources to address any financial questions you may have. Make this visit your top priority before you leave for Christmas break so that if you need to talk to your family about options when you go home, you’ll hopefully lessen your time lining up when you return in January. Here are some questions you can ask your FA:

What do I need to accomplish financially before next semester? Have I handed in all of my paperwork, and if not, when is my deadline? How should I pay my school bill and other expenses every month? What are my options? 

2. Visit your Academic Advisor. Your academic advisor has an important role in this process. In addition to helping you pick out the appropriate classes for the coming semester, your advisor is a vital resource in helping you explore different development areas and career opportunities for your major. 

They know resources and processes in school that you may not be aware of, and they have great advice to make sure you graduate with all of your requirements. I highly suggest trying to meet with them regularly, and if you need some conversational starters, here are some you can use:

My goal in life is to become/to do ___________. What advice can you give me in order for me to reach this goal? What are the “LEAD” or general education classes would you suggest for me to take that would help me in my major? As a student, what qualities and/or expectations will my professors have while I am pursuing this major? When should I schedule another meeting with you?

3. Get as much of your stops completed on Portal. You can do some on your own online and there are few you need to visit people with. Plan to finish as many as you can before you leave for Christmas break.

4. And lastly, visit the Career Center. If you’re a student that’s undecided or thinking about switching to a different major, visit the Career Center to get some information on that career so you can explore your options with your family during the break. 

Good luck on registering for spring! If you have a question for one of the TLC academic coaches, feel free to submit your question here:

Kian Mapp is an academic coach in the TLC.