Senators Connect with Students


Your student senators are hard at work taking your ideas and concerns to paper! At the school town hall, several student guests, including Jean Etienne, Yanni Outerbridge, and Christianna Nesmith, voiced their suggestions to the following bills and other areas around campus that can be adjusted:

For those of you who are upset that there currently aren’t any set hours to play soccer in the gym, Nathanael Torres is working on a bill to make soccer a weekly occurrence in the Thunderdome. You won’t have to worry about not having a time to practice your soccer skills with a set time available just for playing games against your friends with this bill.

Jonathan Deemer’s bill aims to turn the middle outdoor tennis court into a basketball court. This will be a great option for those who like to shoot some hoops and be a great additional opportunity due to the current restrictive daytime hours of the thunderdome.

 Claudia Bauermeister is working on a bill named “Union For a Greener Campus” to raise awareness for recycling on campus. Not only is recycling easy, it also shows our Christian stewardship. 

Weston Lively is speaking to several people on campus to pass a bill to permit skateboarding on campus. He has a few hurdles to get through, but he is striving to work out all of the logistics to make this possible.

Finally, Natalie Hamilton is working on a bill to bring catered food from your favorite restaurants to campus. She is currently working on the making sure you can pay for the food with your cafeteria card and drafting a rotational system for the restaurants.

If you have any suggestions to help your senators make their bills better, or if you want them to address an issue you have, get in touch with a senator near you!

Yeimy Rodriguez is a sophomore studying business administration.