Gain a friend

Less than a week of school left and like most students, I'm kind of freaking out, like, a lot.  

The past few weeks I've been spending a lot of time stressing over my classes, plans for the summer/ next year, finishing up worship credits and trying to figure where to store my entire dorm room.

Personal devotions have been few and far between, unfortunately.

My mind is just as stressed as my body in thinking of all the things that need to still get done. I just need to vent to someone other than my friends.

Thanks to Union, I have that option.

A couple years ago, Campus Ministries started a program called Heartscan.  Heartscan isn't a type of cardiac monitoring, but it's a special program for a student to meet with a faculty mentor and talk about life, family, and God.

I love this program so much.

Over the semesters I’ve been involved, I’ve bounced around meeting with a couple of different faculty mentors. But, the fall of my sophomore year, I found one that clicked.

Now, having gone three semesters strong, she is one of my best friends and strongest supporters.

She encourages me as I figure out big decisions in my life, listens when I've had a really good week, and loves to hear about how my relationship with God is going.

Union is an awesome school and has a special place in my heart. Opportunities for one-on-one relationships with people that lead me closer to God are my favorite part.

I would never trade the experiences I have with my mentor for anything.

Take a moment and find a person that really challenges you spiritually while encouraging you to be you. Find a mentor and gain a friend.

Kasondra Reel is a junior guest writer studying nursing.