HOUC 91.10

HOUC is compiled by Autumn Mott.

HOUC is compiled by Autumn Mott.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into the program. I didn’t know how the classes were going to be structured. I didn’t know what they were going to have me do, how much practice vs. class time. So far it seems logical ... But the syllabus seems a little overwhelming when you first get there.

Having a planner definitely helps. I’m already relying on it a ton. I actually schedule in “friend time!"

I’m super excited about finally learning stuff that’s going to be for my career. Not just like history classes and all the writing classes ... Now, writing is incorporated into nursing, like learning how to research medical things. The required general classes definitely helped, like A&P, Microbiology, and Intro to Chemistry. There’s a reason why they’re required! But the other generals, I’m like *sigh.* Can you actually put that in? Like with asterisks? *sigh*

Esther Pervis is a sophomore studying nursing.