Lane's Life Advice

If you know your destination, your journey becomes your focus. PC: Lane Van Arsdell

If you know your destination, your journey becomes your focus. PC: Lane Van Arsdell


This past spring, a 14 year old’s life was taken due to a tragic motorbike accident and many were impacted by the loss of the genuineness of his friendship and love. Lane was that cousin that I had watched grow up with every Christmas picture on the fridge. I didn’t have the privilege of knowing him well, but I had the honor of calling him family. He was an insightful guy and a positive motivator. 

Just before New Year’s Eve, the father of two of Lane’s good friends asked him to write down some life advice that could be given to his boys as they began the New Year, 2017. Here’s part of what Lane wrote for his young friends:

“You guys are honestly two of the coolest brothers I know, and I feel very lucky to have you as my friends… One of the biggest things that I respect you guys for is that you are loyal to your friends.  You are not backstabbers, talking bad about others behind their backs…

Some of the best advice I can give is for you to continue to stay loyal to your friends and stick with the type of friends that are loyal to you and that have a positive impact on your life. Make sure that you keep close to your good friends, because it's important to have their support and advice through the bad times as well as the good times. 

I like your sense of adventure, and that you are down to earth and get straight to the point. I know for a fact that you guys are going to have a lot of fun as you continue to grow up even if there are some hard times that you encounter at the same time. 

Trust God to get you through the hard times. 

When you have a goal in your life make sure you give it your all, 110%, because if it’s something you're really passionate about, it’s always worth it in the end. Follow your dreams, because anything is possible and with enough time and effort your dream can become a reality. 

However, sometimes our dreams can be short-sighted and we don't always look at things with God's perspective. That’s why it's important to keep close to God and keep asking Him to help shape your dreams. The Bible says He can do more than we can ask or even think of, so ask Him for advice. 

Ask Him to surprise you.”

Lane Van Arsdell 2002-2017
Read by John Griswold.
Because he was so passionate about dirt bikes and enjoyed riding so much, a special memorial fund (“Lane’s Motorcycles for India”) has already raised over $18,000 to provide much-needed transportation for pastors in India.  An additional $15,000 has also been donated in memory of Lane for “Mopeds for Missionaries” through ASAP, providing small motorbikes for church planters in Southeast Asia.  

Kasondra Reel is a senior studying nursing