The World Series

Aaron Judge takes a swing. PC:

Aaron Judge takes a swing. PC:

The last time I wrote a prediction article things didn’t exactly go according to plan. 

I could make excuses, but instead I’ll just say this: take this next prediction with a grain of salt. Unless, of course, it comes true.

The New York Yankees will win the World Series.

After their incredible display in the Wild Card game and their comeback in the Division Series, they look like a complete team with little fear of any opponent.

Their bullpen is one of the best we’ve ever seen; it’s so good that many called for them to only use their bullpen in the Wild Card game (a tactic that is almost unheard of).

Their defense is mediocre, but no team still in the chase has a spectacular defense.

The real reason I think they will win is their power hitting. Yes, Aaron Judge was terrible in the first two series. Yes, Gary Sanchez struggled as well in the Divisional Series. And yes, their hitting as a whole was just barely good enough to win any of the games this postseason.

However, bats generally don’t stay cold forever, and if Judge and Co. manage to turn in a few solid hitting games, no other team can keep up with the sheer amount of extra base hits they could collect.

I also think that there are simply too many shortcomings in the other teams for any of them to win it all. 

Houston’s starting pitchers have been very good this year. However, many of them remain untested in postseason play, and the bullpen backing them up is subpar at best.

Pitching tends to be the deciding factor in postseason play, and I have a hard time seeing the Astros being able to put together enough innings to beat the Yankees.

The Dodgers seem to have everything going for them, except for their bullpen. Their hitting is tremendous, their starting pitchers are spectacular, and their defense is very solid.

However, all it takes is a team who can rattle a pitcher early, and force their opponent to turn to their bullpen. The Yankees are the perfect team to do just that. With one swing of the bat they could steal the momentum and kill the Dodgers’ confidence.

And then there’s the Cubs. Last years’ champs just didn’t seem to quite have it this year. Though they’ve managed to make it this far, it’s probable that their luck will run out (due in large part to a subpar bullpen).

I realize that my argument basically comes down to a battle of the bullpens, but in looking at previous World Series winners, it’s not hard to see why. Close games are won and lost in the late innings and it’s highly probable that World Series games will be close.

I certainly hope I won’t look too foolish in two weeks, but who likes a prediction that isn’t at least a little bold?

Tyler is a junior studying business administration.