Senate Summary 2.0


Have you recently spoken to your student representative? If you haven’t, you should deliver your list of concerns about the school to your representatives soon before they become preoccupied with their bills to reform the school. That’s right, ideas about possible changes have been thrown across the Student Senate table and are actively being researched! 
The rumors about looking into the wi-fi speed and how to make the accessibility around campus better are actually true. There is a special committee focused on delivering these issues to the school’s committee and will report their findings back to the senators. Then, they will concurrently decide on any ways to fix these problems within their control. As the Student Senate sponsor, Kim Canine, says, “Senators have more voice than you think.”
As Kim spoke during this past week’s meeting about miscellaneous events happening around campus, she mentioned that the members of the President’s Council would be visiting campus. Part of their time would be spent observing places around Union where improvements could be made. 
One of their main stops on the tour was the old security room in Prescott Hall. There were of suggestions floating around about this matter after the survey was handed to all of the dorm students at the end of last semester. “The survey results said the kitchen in Prescott wasn’t just number one thing the Prescott residents want, but everyone, including Culver, Rees, and Prescott residents, said this was the number one thing they want,” Kim affirmed. 
This project is in administrator’s minds as they make decisions regarding our beloved college. 
The administration cares so much about what we think that they have organized a town hall taking place at the Nebraska State Capitol this Friday to answer any questions students might have. If students want to participate they can submit any questions or concerns they have to a link sent to their email that goes to a form on SquirrelHUB. 
Even if the panel doesn’t get to your submission during the hour and a half allotted to this event, they will respond to the rest of the concerns to Student Senate in a timely manner. This means you definitely should get acquainted with your student representative to make sure your burden is being heard and addressed by our devoted faculty. 
As redundant as this sounds, the senators really do work on your behalf. You can make their jobs easier by providing your opinions to them as soon as you can!

Yeimy Rodriguez is a sophomore studying business administration.