The Clocktower Begins

I’m just gonna come out and say it—this year we will be exercising maximum efficiency and optimum scheduling to prune frivolous expenditure and curtail superfluous systems in an effort to minimize overhead and provide excellent content to our readership base.

In other words, we’ll do all the hard work so all of you out there reading The Clocktower get the latest news (for a leg up in your fantasy league), tips for that dorm lifestyle (gotta make sure your room is #instagram worthy) and spiritual support (spoilers: Campus Ministries has great resources if you’re struggling or want to get involved). 

Yes, sir or madam, at The Clocktower there’s a little something for everyone, whether that’s news about which new phone is trying to kill the headphone jack or thrilling play-by-plays from a golf tournament you likely didn’t even know existed!

Though the nights may be long and the winters so cold that I’m not convinced it’s worth the trip across campus for a layout meeting, we’re committed to bringing you the best Union has to offer. The year is young and we’re ready to show you what The Clocktower’s got, so keep an eye out for each issue!

If you have something on your mind about a recent article or are privy to a sweet idea for an article but aren’t sure if you’re the right person to pen it, send a letter-to-the-editor at and we’ll work to make sure you get heard.

By the way, though I’m sure the team we’ve assembled is without a doubt going to be one of our best yet, why should we stop when there are so many talented writers on campus? If you have interest in writing for The Clocktower either as a freelancer or on the regular, email our editor-in-chief at for more information. Some restrictions apply, not valid in the state of Utah, see store for details.

James Clague is a junior studying computer science, mathematics & engineering