Growth and New Beginnings


You made it. You’re either taking some of your first strides across this campus, or you’re returning to your old stomping ground. Let my voice join one of the many welcoming you back to campus this week.

Instead of making claims about what you should expect from this year, I’m going to ask only one request this year: embrace the chaos.

It’s easy to get caught up in dreams and visions of what to expect from the coming months. All I ask is that you stay rooted in the unpredictable experiences from day to day that break away from daily expectations.

Current events reflect a trend towards the unanticipated. News feeds scroll with distressing stories that leave one without words. A feeling of uncertainty grows more prevalent as days pass. But this is not inherently a bad thing. 

Uncertainty is the greatest cultivator of creativity and innovation. 

Instead of just dreaming, now is the time to embrace your passions to shape your future. Now is the time to step up and make differences in the world around you. Now is your time to step up and make differences in your life.

Here at The Clocktower we’ll be doing our best to bring you news, current events, campus happenings and thoughts about our community here at Union. It’s our mission to be a voice that sparks new conversations that bring us closer together. 

I ask that you, the reader, remain engaged with these conversations. We’re constantly looking for new writers here at The Clocktower. If you’re interested in writing with us, taking pictures for us, or have ideas to share, please reach out to me at

However, it’s just as important to read our semi-weekly publication to stay up to date with what’s happening. You can read online at (, check out the digital version of the print copy at (, or check us out on Facebook @ClocktowerASB.

And, as always, keep an eye out for the semi-weekly publication of The Clocktower to pop up on campus. We look forward to bringing you the physical copy of The Clocktower in the middle of most weeks. We aim to bring you a new issue each Wednesday, but in the spirit of embracing the chaos of the semester, understand that some weeks will come with quirks.

Vivere in pace.

Gabriel Flechas is a junior studying business & engineering