The First of Many Union Visitors

#popsiclesalute PC: Integrated Marketing Communications

#popsiclesalute PC: Integrated Marketing Communications

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On Thursday, Sept. 14, Union College’s campus was flooded with 89 high school students from 10 different academies across the Midwest. Preview Days lasted until Sunday, September 17, and during the students’ time here, they were able to experience a taste of life at Union College.  

One of the most influential elements for many students was being able to interact with teachers and sit in on a real college class. Seth Martin, a senior from Maplewood Academy, highlighted, “Staff members gave really good, in-depth advice and they were all really friendly. They made it seem like a reality to be able to pass classes.” 

Kaitlyn Boaz, a senior from Sunnydale Academy, also found classroom time to be extremely beneficial to her Preview Days experience. “I think it’s a lot of fun and I’m excited about Union.  My favorite part has been being able to sit in on all the classes and experience what it’s really like.” 

Not only do the Preview Days students sit in on classes, but they also experience dorm life by staying with volunteer host students who have a passion for Union and a desire to help potential students see themselves here. Adriana Sanchez, a student from Maplewood Academy, emphasized, “I always love the hosts. They give really good advice, they’re funny, and they give a really good picture of what Union is.”

As all college students come to understand, college life cannot simply be about studying, getting good grades and graduating with a degree. During one’s time in college, a student has exceptional opportunities to build lasting relationships both on campus and by spending time in the community. 

On Friday afternoon before supper, Preview Days students were taken to downtown Lincoln to see what life is like outside of campus. Charity Travis, a senior at Maplewood Academy, said, “I really liked going downtown. It was pretty amazing because we got to hang out with some of our friends, got to meet new people...and got to see what Lincoln was like outside of Union.”

As a college so far from either coast, Preview Days also provides the opportunity for students from far off places to visit the campus. Former Preview Days student and now sophomore international rescue and relief major, Racquel Amich, reminisces on her experience, “It was nice to get a feel for Union, especially since I’m from Florida and had never been to the campus before. The atmosphere of the campus and the students really stood out to me when I visited.”

Union College students, faculty and staff, keep up the good work!  You’re what brings new students here and you’re what makes Union what it is! Never forget to help others “Experience the Spirit.”

For information on how you can become a Preview Days host or student ambassador, contact Campus Visit Coordinator Rachael Boyd at

Additionally, keep in mind that Union’s campus will have more visitors from Parents’ Weekend from Sept. 29 through Oct.1.

Kayla Miler is a junior studying nursing.