5 Reasons to Run 13.1 Miles

PC: twitter.com

PC: twitter.com


My name is Jimmy Gilley. I’ve run races of varying distances–5Ks, half marathons, full marathons and even an ultramarathon. I believe all people, from Malaysians to Americans, emos to athletes, men and women, should run a half marathon in their lives.

Here are my top 5 reasons for why you should run 13.1 miles.

1. Weight loss. Everyone has heard of the “freshman 15.” Training to run a half marathon will help you maintain a healthy weight throughout college, allowing you to avoid those extra pounds.

2. Happiness. Science has proven that when you run, endorphins that make you happier are released. Now, I’m not exactly sure how all of that works, but I do know that when that happens you experience a “runner’s high” which is the kind of high even Union College can approve of.

3. Carbs. Everyone loves getting that bread and when you’re training for longer races, carbs are important. I always eat lots of spaghetti and bread before races so my body has plenty of carbs to burn. That way, I don’t crash during the race.

4. You get a cool medal. When you finally cross that finish line you feel joy and relief. A random volunteer will then place a medal around your neck to represent  what you’ve accomplished. When I ran my first full marathon I wore the medal the entire day after the race.

5. Dress more comfortably. Sometimes (okay fine, more than sometimes) when I’m running late for class I’ll just throw on my running shoes, a tee shirt and shorts. People then ask if I’d just gone for a run or whether I’m about to go on one, in which I reply, “yes.” So, when people think you’re running, you can afford to not dress as nicely for classes and thus be more comfortable.

Jimmy Gilley is a senior studying business administration.