Career and Graduate Fair

PC: Levi Ventura

PC: Levi Ventura


Union College cares not only about the academic needs of the student body, but also about the professional and graduate school education needs of its students. Several times a year, organizations stop by campus to hold interviews for internships, full-time positions and to recruit for their programs.

One of these fairs was the career and graduate fair held at Union on Oct. 25. Several graduate schools and companies from Lincoln and some businesses run by the Seventh-Day Adventist church attended.

In total, around 30 businesses and schools gathered in the Don Love atrium for the fair, including Sandhills Publishing, the Nebraska Office of Rural Health and the Developmental Services of Nebraska, Inc.

Two of the Adventist organizations represented at the fair were Adventist Risk Management and the General Conference Auditing Service. La Sierra University, Nebraska Wesleyan University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Southern Adventist University and Walla Walla University attended to advertise their graduate programs.

“It’s really great for options, even if you don’t walk away with a job or an internship at the end of the day, at least you know what’s out there and you might’ve learned of a job that you didn’t know existed before,” explained Autumn Mott, senior communication major. “It’s also a great time to, even if you have a job lined up or you think that you might have a job lined up, practice talking to people, interviewing, telling about yourself.”

Many students attended the fair, passed out resumes and learned more about the companies and graduate schools represented there.

The career and graduate fairs are always good events to attend because a wide variety of organizations seeking different positions are represented.

Many months, Adventist organizations stop by campus and conduct interviews for positions in their organization.

Career fairs and on-campus interviews are great opportunities to work on interview skills and to learn more information that could help decide a major, minor, internship or job.

Jordan Judge is a freshman studying business administration.