A New Small Group Worship

PC: Levi Ventura

PC: Levi Ventura


Here at Union College, the spiritual culture is just as important as the academic and social life. Campus Ministries is always providing additional worship opportunities on campus.

One of the new small groups is a Sabbath School class titled SHOCK, which stands for Scripture Heard Over Christian Kinship. Lydia Hwang decided to start it after she shared a small group worship with her roommate last year.

This year, after much prayer, she organized the class and found two others who were willing to join.

The Sabbath school currently has a small attendance, but Lydia says it’s because of a lack of publicity and she expects attendance to rise as word about her class spreads.

The group is currently studying the book of Daniel. “I feel like we [Adventists] have a lot of exposure to the book of Daniel but if someone asks me what it’s really about, it’s really hard for me to explain even though I’ve been exposed a lot [to Daniel],” Lydia explained. “I feel like, as Adventists, it is good for us to really study [Daniel].”

The group plans to continue studying the prophecies of Daniel throughout the remainder of this first semester.

Currently, there is no certainty as to what book of the Bible the group will study second semester, however, plans are under way.

SHOCK is a great resource to learn more about the Bible and, this semester, specifically prophecies in the book of Daniel and how they relate to everyday life.

Scripture Heard Over Christian Kinship meets every Saturday morning at 10:40 a.m. in the Shawnee-Porter room on the second floor of the Ortner Center. Those who attend will receive a blessing.

Jordan Judge is a freshman studying business administration.