Rock ’n’ Joe

PC: Levi Ventura

PC: Levi Ventura


Are you tired of going to the same coffee shop every day, but are having trouble finding any new places in town? On Wednesday, Oct. 10, Rock ’n’ Joe, a music themed coffee chain, opened on Lindberg St, about eight minutes from campus. Rock ’n’ Joe is a Pittsburgh-based coffee shop but it’s bringing its business out to the Midwest.

Starting at 7 a.m. on the day of its grand-opening, the shop gave out around 350 free mugs and cups of coffee to the customers who eagerly waited in line. In weeks to come, the store plans on offering more giveaways to commemorate its new business in a new city. The shop even employs some faces students might find familiar, including Kelsey Bailey, Sally Becker and Taylor Deddens.

“I’ve only been working there for less than a week and I love it! Rock ’n’ Joe is a great place with great people and great coffee,” says junior business administration major, Kelsey Bailey. If you’re interested in picking up a few shifts or just want to know more about the company culture, you can contact Tara Ihde, the store’s general manager.

While the employees were busy preparing drinks for the customers in the seemingly endless line, the Rock ’n’ Joe CEO Sean Levine was in the back room wearing an apron as well. Levine, accompanied by Katie Kessler from the Marketing department, traveled from Pittsburgh to assist in the grand-opening of the Lincoln branch.

The shop has digital menu boards that are updated with limited time offers and new brews as soon as they’re released. The menu provides a variety of options such as sandwiches, smoothies and locally-made bread and pastries.

Rock ’n’ Joe has a fireplace at the back of the shop for those dreary winter days. They provide free wifi and a private 10–person meeting room. If you’re ever in a rush and can’t stop in, there’s also a drive-thru window.

In addition to providing food, coffee and a cozy atmosphere, Rock ’n’ Joe will host open mic nights and frequently invite local artists for live music entertainment. If you want to know exactly when these events will happen, check out the Rock ’n’ Joe Facebook page.

Yeimy Rodriguez is a junior studying business administration.