Carnival of Clubs

2018 Handshake was a blast! | PC: Esther Pervis

2018 Handshake was a blast! | PC: Esther Pervis


On August 18, the last Saturday night before the semester began, the associated student body leadership team held the annual ASB handshake. This year, the event was carnival-themed.

The ASB team, in collaboration with the Student Life office decided to try something new and included club rush as part of the event. Every club on campus had a chance to set up a booth and feature an activity or a treat to promote their club and recruit students.

The social justice club incorporated their mission into their activity. “We had ladderball and we decided that for every game we played, we were going to donate 10 cents to Voices of Hope so that was really cool to be able to do,” said Hannah Miraglia, a senior elementary education major.

The club donated $50 to the organization, which empowers those who have experienced relationship violence, sexual assault and abuse. In addition to finding a way to make their booths look attractive, clubs were able to set their yearly fee. Student Life granted each student fifty dollars with which to select any clubs they wanted to join.

If students happened to exceed their budgeted amount, they were able to pay the additional fee at the business office. There was no limit to how many clubs a student could join; the only limit was an individual’s interest. While learning about the clubs, everyone had the chance to connect with new faces and old friends on campus.

The line for the main event, the handshake, stretched from the front of Woods Auditorium around the sidewalk to the the administration building and started with Union’s president, Vinita Sauder. Each person took the time to introduce themselves and shake hands with every person in line. “I did meet new people, so that was good,” said sophomore health science major, Veronica Carrasco.

Towards the end of the night, students moved toward the infamous widowmaker, which was located on the hill between the Larson Lifestyle Center and the Don Love Building. The widowmaker is a giant blue tarp with a wall of fifteen mattresses at the top. The goal of this game is to run up the tarp and jump on top of the mattresses without using any hands. This would be easy enough if the tarp wasn’t soaked with water and four gallons of soap. Hunter Cowin and Joslyn Lewis were granted cash prices for beating the widowmaker.

Keep on the lookout for posters announcing the next ASB Saturday night activity!

Yeimy Rodriguez is a junior studying business administration.