New Year, New Clocktower

The Clocktower team for 2018-2019. | PC: Union College Heritage Room

The Clocktower team for 2018-2019. | PC: Union College Heritage Room


I’ve lived in 24 different dwellings, five states and at least seven towns, not including my three months studying abroad in France, Guatemala and Belize.

It’s easy to say I like change and adventure. So when I got the job as Editor-in-Chief of The Clocktower, I thought, how can I change The Clocktower to create a new adventure for the readers while maintaining the high performance and standards of my predecessors?

The paper you’re holding now is the outcome of those thoughts and the suggestions from last year’s survey. This year The Clocktower is working towards reducing paper waste both with the size of the paper and by encouraging people to recycle the pages when they’re done. As editor, I hope you find something exciting in every issue. Some topics to look forward to include movie reviews, how-tos, sports, art, news, politics, collegiate culture and religion. We’re also bringing back the beloved Sudoku and we’re starting gift card giveaways, so check back with us, your almost-weekly school paper, each issue for your chance to win.

This year I hope you stick with my team and me as we strive to create an amazing paper for you the reader.

If you have suggestions or just want to pitch me a freelance idea, shoot me an email at I’m always open to fresh ideas and new writers and I’d love to hear from you!

Maegan Luckiesh is a senior studying graphic design.