Don’t Spoil The School Year

PC: Maegan Luckiesh

PC: Maegan Luckiesh


For many, back to school season is filled with a unique blend of emotions. While there’s lots to look forward to, like a fresh start and catching up with friends, there’s also the all-too-common dread associated with summer vacation coming to a close.

In some ways, the start of a new school year is like opening a box of Bean Boozled Jelly Bellys.

Imagine playing the game with your friends. Your turn comes around and you pick out a mysterious white jelly bean from the box, hoping with all your being that it’s coconut-flavored, only to be utterly disappointed when the taste of spoiled milk seeps into your mouth.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but like the game, this school year will undoubtedly have its spoiled milk moments.

There will be mornings you’ll miss class because you pressed snooze one time too many, weeks that are so busy you forget to take time to eat and homework you genuinely forgot was due.

There may be moments when you’ll feel like you just can’t handle another disappointing serving of spoiled milk, lawn clippings or toothpaste.

You may even wonder why you ever agreed to play the game in the first place.Similarly, when you find    yourself at a rough point in the semester, you may wonder if college is even worth the stress. We’ve all been there. It’s at this point in the experience you need to look back on just how great the game has been.

Sure, we’re bound to eat a few gross jelly beans during our time at Union. But for every gross flavor, there’s a pretty great one somewhere in the box as well. Most importantly, you probably agreed to the game because you weren’t playing it alone.

Remember who you’ve got in your corner to support you during those spoiled milk moments and all of a sudden you might find yourself realizing the game isn’t so bad after all.

Danica Eylenstein is a senior studying communication.