What’s Next for Union This Year

PC: Esther Pervis

PC: Esther Pervis


Whether you’re a new or returning student, I want to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Union College Associated Student Body team! I’m thrilled that you’ve chosen to attend Union College this year in your pursuit of a higher education. I pray that this year will be an opportunity for you to grow in learning, service and leadership.

I feel extremely honored to serve as your ASB President. Our team is focusing on creating a stronger sense of community within Union College. With that in mind, what’s next for us?

We work on becoming a family by coming together as more than just acquaintances, colleagues and peers. We need to be present at all of the various sporting events, spiritual programs and ASB events, giving our Warriors and classmates the support they deserve, because that’s what a family does. Families support, love and lend a helping hand in all they do, and I believe this campus has the perfect opportunity to become that ideal.

As your president, I’ll be readily available to you and align myself with your goals. In order to fulfill this vision, I plan on being available as much as possible throughout the year to hear your vision for Union College. Feel free to stop into the ASB/Senate room in the Student Center (across from the ping-pong table) to say hello and share your dreams with me! You can also reach me at angenita.pierre-louis@ucollege.edu.Together, let’s work on making this year incredible. Best wishes to each of you in this upcoming school year!

Regards, Angenita Pierre-Louis

Angenita Pierre-Louis is a senior studying social work.