If You Give a Student a Smoothie …

PC: Maegan Luckiesh

PC: Maegan Luckiesh

I’m Sa-Tired


Let me just say, sitting down to do anything productive is tough. As I sat to write this article, I realized I was exhausted. Who can write when they’re tired? Not me. So I took a nap. Obviously.

Waking up 30 minutes later than expected (don’t you hate when you accidentally press snooze?), I remembered my plans to go with a friend to the store and grab ingredients for dinner.

We rolled out, stopping by the NuVibe drive-through. I’d collected enough stars to have a free drink (I might have a NuVibe addiction.) We thought it would be a fast stop … Nope, we were in line with SIX cars. Not fast, but delicious— did I mention NuVibe is amazing? You should go right now. Seriously put this down, get in the car and go get yourself a smoothie. I’ll wait.

Smoothies took longer than expected and I had to get to class. At home afterward, I washed dishes. Dishes equal Pandora—yes I still listen to Pandora and, get this, I don’t even pay for it. I listen with all those annoying commercials. Probably because I spend all my money on NuVibe ...

Anyway, Lauv, “I like me better” started playing, and I love Lauv. I saw him in concert, and he’s adorable. Lauv made me dance around the house, but then I remembered my design project that’s due in November and started working on it because you know those end-of-semester projects can really sneak up on a person.

There wasn’t enough time before dinner to write an entire article so I played Matchington Mansion; I’m in a constant battle with Danica Eylenstein to stay on a higher level … don’t worry I’m winning, like always.  

Dinner was themed around “Ant Man and the Wasp.” Everything was bigger than it was supposed to be or ridiculously small. Cameron Cizek did a brilliant job and mini burritos were my favorite. Seriously, they’re the perfect food. After dinner and a movie, I needed sleep; you know, as a college student we should all get at least five hours. The next morning started with laundry and homework, before heading to class. Then I went to my office to start editing other people’s articles. At 2:30 p.m. ASB put on a pop-up event in the student center with some epic pumpkin cupcakes. I like everything pumpkin--oh my word pumpkin NuVibe drink … I’ll need to look into that.

During the pop-up event, Nicholas Morrison and I played ping-pong, which I’m amazing at — don’t listen if Nic says otherwise. He’s just mad I always win. After Vines with friends and more editing, I headed out to eat. Getting home I saw my computer and started writing. But I’m still hungry … or thirsty … I need a smoothie.

Maegan Luckiesh is a senior studying graphic design.