Journey Through the Library

PC: Levi Ventura

PC: Levi Ventura


The Ella Johnson Crandall Memorial Library was transformed into a Narnia fantasy land on Thursday, Sept. 20 to promote this year’s library theme, The Year of the Lion. “The Chronicles of Narnia” is a seven book series by C.S. Lewis which was originally published in the 1950s. Over 100 million of the books have been sold in 47 languages.

As visitors stepped through the the library doors, which were decorated to resemble the magical wardrobe from the books, pine trees with white fluff-dotted branches welcomed them. “It’s super cute. I love the decorations; you can really tell that people spent a lot of time making them,” said Elizabeth Bearden, a senior English education major.

Different stations were set up throughout the Narnian library. First, visitors were welcomed into the wonderland and given the Narnian itinerary. From there, the goal was to follow the path of footsteps to Tea with Tumnus.

The smell of homemade scones and finger sandwiches floated through the Writing Studio, where everyone was able to try the delectables and make tea.

The third station, Cair Paravel, featured a booth where participants were photographed wearing crowns and sitting on thrones as the rightful kings or queens of Narnia.

Once finished with this station, visitors followed the footsteps to Aslan’s Howe, where they won the right to show off their dart-throwing skills if they could answer library and Narnia-related trivia questions.

At The Dawn Treader station, people learned how to use a new database, Credo, for future research purposes. The footsteps led to the lower level of the library where visitors completed a scavenger hunt to save Prince Caspian who was stuck in a chair. “So far it’s been very quiet. They just sent me down here and handcuffed me to a chair and left me without the code,” said Jared Dubini, a sophomore business administration major.

The last station, Aslan’s Country, was next to the Writing Studio and featured the Wall of Inspiration, where participants posted their decorative cards listing the ways they wish to see or show Jesus this year. The responses from this station are still posted on the wall for the Union College family to see.

The turnout for the event was successful. Brittany Fast, a junior general studies major, commented, “I think it’s very creative. My favorite station was the Tea with Tumnus.”

There were many positive remarks about this event and students are excited to see what else the library has in store this year.

Yeimy Rodriguez is a junior studying business administration.