Brett Kavanaugh and the Calendar of Secrets




As I’m writing this, the Brett Kavanaugh/ Christine Blasey Ford hearings just ended. It was emotional, explosive and intense. The confirmation vote is delayed until the end of the week, so here’s the recap on this rollercoaster of a trial. The morning began with Dr. Ford giving her opening statement.

She accused the Supreme Court Justice nominee of drunkenly groping her and trying to take off her clothes, allegedly covering her mouth when she attempted to scream for help. Ford claims she is 100% certain Kavanaugh was her assailant. She put her reputation on the line by coming forward with her testimony, being cooperative, honest and credible throughout.

Soon after, it was Kavanaugh’s turn. Not only did he match the emotional appeal of Ford’s , but he provided a fierceness that both inspired and enraged. Kavanaugh similarly said his reputation had been ruined forever and his family would deal with this accusation for the rest of their lives.

He emphatically denied the allegation, but made it clear that this was something that could’ve happened to Ford, just not by him (he even brought his personal high school calendars for evidence of his innocence). I commend Dr. Ford for telling her story so bravely. This horrifying experience is now public and she’s already receiving hate mail and death threats. However, there are some problems with the testimony. First, none of Ford’s witnesses could corroborate the story, including one of the men she claims was in the room during the assault.

Furthermore, Kavanaugh’s been in the political arena for decades and with multiple background checks this hasn’t come up. Timing of this accusation is also convenient because it could’ve been told at the beginning of the confirmation hearings. Ford is risking everything to tell her story, for no personal gain. In fact, it’s harmed her and her family in irreparable ways. She went through this trauma that scarred her forever, and people are telling her that she must’ve remembered it incorrectly.

This whole situation hasn’t been investigated by the FBI. Kavanaugh never gave a straight answer when asked if he’d be willing to take this accusation to the FBI so they could conduct a formal investigation. Is that because he’s hiding something or just fed up with his unfair treatment in this trial?

Both have said they’re 100% sure what happened that night. The evidence has been presented and opinions have been heard. Now it’s up to the Senate Judiciary Committee to make a decision.


Ashley Bower is a junior studying english language arts education.