Letter from the Editor


Hello, Union College Family,

This past weekend I was struck by an emotion that I initially had a hard time describing. I was walking across campus on a surprisingly warm Friday afternoon and observed people passing between buildings after classes. I had a moment where I paused and was overwhelmed by gratitude for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had and continue to have here at Union. 

Rarely am I able to go anywhere on campus without greeting at least one person and getting drawn into an actual conversation. “How’re you?” “How was that test?” “How was your weekend?” “Do you have any exciting plans coming up?” “What’s new?” I find myself leaving these conversations with a smile on my face and feeling refreshed. 

Where else in this world can I go and truly say that I feel connected to literally hundreds of people in a deep and meaningful way. I don’t know every single person here, but I am always surprised at how many people I’m able to greet by name as I walk around campus. 

Union is truly a special place. It’s not located somewhere exotic. It’s not a massive university with thousands of students. There’s nothing particularly spectacular about how the campus looks. I realized this past Friday afternoon that it’s not about where I physically am that’s so unique. Union is special because of the people who bring it to life. 

I’ve learned that every single person on this campus makes up a vital piece of this experience we call “Union College Culture”. With only three semesters left, I am striving to be intentional in cherishing the people I get to share this collegiate experience with. 

As we start into this semester, I want you to know how important you are to making this campus a special place. I hope your semester is filled with good times, good friends and good coffee. May you daily find the motivation you need to push through your studies and still find time left to seize the day.


Gabriel Flechas and The Clocktower Staff

Gabriel Flechas is a junior studying business & engineering.