Student Senators Vote on Constitution Changes

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Do you remember receiving an email about a constitutional change for the ASB team the Student Life office proposed? Last week, the Student Senators voted on that constitutional change and it unanimously passed. Kim Canine will be giving a lot more details about the new ASB charter this week in a town hall. In the meantime, the senators are listening to your concerns and are producing bills for your benefit.
In addition to passing the bill for a new ASB, the senators voted on a bill Nathanael Torres composed to open 49ers field to students. This bill calls for the field be available to students for four hours on Sundays as well as have equipment accessible. Nathanael is also working on a bill that will make it possible for students to have more flexibility for the cafeteria meal plans. Instead of only having the $250 plan open for village students, there will be a variation of the money you will have on your balance for the cafeteria.
Another bill that is in the works by Gemedi Bakuto is to have water fountains available in more places, such as the Teaching Learning Center and the International Rescue and Relief building. With the popularity of the water fountains that are able to fill a water bottle, there are a lot of places on campus that can benefit from having this machine handy.
Did you know that there is a coin machine in the Ortner Center? The current location is by the computers in the lobby of the ground level of the building. There is also a machine located in the lobby of Rees Hall. The senators are currently thinking of making the coin machine stand out more or have one put in Prescott Hall so that everyone has the same opportunities to have access to coins at any time of the day. The struggle of doing laundry late at night, but having no way to way of obtaining quarters will be no more. 
While the senators are hard at work making all of these great ideas happen, there will also be an open house soon for the residence halls. This open house will be a chance to show off your amazing dorm decorations as well as a time to hang out with your friends in a new setting. There will be refreshments available and souvenirs given out. A town hall will be coming up soon where you can address your questions and concerns directly to the senate as a whole. Don’t miss this great opportunity and be able to hear about the new ASB constitution as we kick off elections for next year’s team!

Yeimy Rodriguez is a sophomore studying business administration.