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PC: stevepdennis.com

Hardly Worthy


I’m a nursing major, and the deeper I get into the program and the closer I get to graduating, the more excited I’ve become with everything I’m studying. In the nursing program every time I’ve learned something new about the heart, kidneys or liver I  would call someone and tell them all about it because it was so cool!

I loved it so much; I was bursting with excitement to share with any one who would listen.

This summer, I was introduced to the song “Overflow” by Tenth Avenue North. Certain lyrics really hit me:

“Out of the dust, You created us

We’re free to breathe

We’re free to move

Life is a gift we give back to You

You set our hearts in motion”

When God created us, He got in the dirt and breathed the breath of life into our lungs. He created us with the freedom of choice: we get to decide who we want to be.

As much as I love what I’ve learned, sometimes I forget that I have a purpose. I numbly walk through my day with a cloud of self-pity covering my head. And I’ve realized that on those days, my focus isn’t on living through Christ’s grace, but instead it’s on me.

“It’s evident that we were meant

to live like grace is covering

every step so we can

risk and we can fall.”

Imagine a trapezist. She can’t start all the way up on the ceiling without training. She has to perfect her skills and even then, a safety net provides assurance that if she does take the risk and fall, she’ll be safe.

God doesn’t expect us to live perfectly. In fact, He has prepared a way that when we do mess up, He’s got us covered. All we have to do is accept that gift. God sets our hearts in motion. He makes them physically and spiritually beat. He fuels our desire to seek Him and to learn more about the world we live in.

But He knows that this world is so much more bearable if we’re fully dependent on Him. Once we’re so full of Him we can burst, we start to overflow, in all areas of our life.

So as the semester starts, dive into God’s word and allow it to work into all aspects of your life. Soon enough, you’ll overflow in so many more ways than you could imagine.

Kasondra Reel is a senior studying nursing.