Update on Union Warriors Soccer Team

PC: Britni Conrad 

PC: Britni Conrad 

Friday, Aug. 24, 2018 is a day that will go down in Union’s history as the day the Union College Warriors played their first official soccer game. The Calvary University Warriors met the Union Warriors at the Speedway Village soccer field in Lincoln, NE, where Union fans filled an entire side of the lawn.

There were slushies and stadium horns, lawn chairs and umbrellas, not because it was raining, but because the sunny and humid 98 degree day left the fans and players feeling like they were in a sauna.

The fact that so many toughed it out is a true testament to the dedication of the Warrior fans. As for the team, they played an impressive game! Although they only had a week and a half to prepare, there was a considerable amount of chemistry between the players, which resulted in ball movement that left the defense frustrated and breathless. The astonishing point gap only grew as the game progressed. Because it was the first soccer game of the year, it was also the first event hosted and supported by the Warrior Fan Club. The club officers handed out free slushies to club members and stayed to cheer on the team every minute of the game. Warrior Fan Club president, Hophni William, summed up the hype at the game: “7-0! What an unexpected turn of events! Going to a Warriors game, you often think we’ll lose, but you plan on supporting your friends anyway. But that wasn’t the case with this game. It was a great game and I enjoyed every minute of it!”

The first game was a huge win for the Warriors and a solid start to kick off their season. Check back in with The Clocktower in a few weeks for further coverage on how the season is shaping up.