Cheating, Jobs and Sleepwalkers

PC: Levi Ventura

PC: Levi Ventura

Hey Hannah


Hey Hannah,

I feel like my boyfriend is cheating

on me and I’m scared to confront him

about it. What should I do?

—I don’t want no scrub

What’s up I don’t want no scrub,

It may be hard, but talking to him is the only way you’ll know.

Don’t approach the conversation assuming he’s cheated. There

might be an underlying issue that’s causing him to act in a way that

makes you believe he’s cheating. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your

relationship and what you need from it. First have that conversation

and then figure it out from there.

Hey Hannah,

I saw someone looking at notes during a test, I know it’s

wrong, but I don’t want to be a nark. What should I do?

—Teacher’s pet

Hey Teachers pet,

Talk to him or her about it if it makes you

uncomfortable, but ultimately you can only control

your actions, not the actions of others.

Hey Hannah,

My boss is asking me to do jobs that don’t

really fall under my job description. Can I

say something or should I just suck it up

and deal?

—Miranda Priestly’s assistant

Hello Miranda Priestly’s assistant,

It depends on the situation, but if you’re getting

paid then what’s the problem? I think you should

try to suck it up unless it’s preventing you from

completing the tasks you need to complete. You

could take this as a compliment, maybe your boss

thinks you have the skills to accomplish more than

what’s in your job description.

Hey Hannah,

I’m thinking of changing my major, but

I’m not sure if I should. Do you have any

advice about how to decide on a major?


Hey Undeclared,

Talk to your advisor about what your options

are. If you’re second guessing your major you

should really think about what you want, but don’t

waste your time! You’re still young and it’s better

to figure it out now instead of after you get a degree

that you really don’t want. If you’re not sure if you want to switch,

try shadowing professionals who

work in fields you’re thinking about switching to.

Observing others is a great way to get a feel for if a

path could be right for you.

Hey Hannah,

My roommate pranked me and I want to

get him back. Any suggestions?


What’s up Joker,

Put salt on your roommate’s toothbrush. When

he brushes his teeth all he’ll taste is salt. You could

also hide a bunch of alarm clocks around the room

to wake him up at random times. It’s okay to pull

some pranks, but make sure it’s safe!

Hey Hannah,

My roommate sleep talks and walks

... should I tell her? I’m a little worried

she’s going to leave the room in her

sleep and disappear.

—While you were sleeping

Hello While you were sleeping,

You could tell her about it and ask if there’s

anything you can do to ensure her safety. If she’s

aware of this tendency she might know how to

make sure she doesn’t wander off somewhere

unsafe. Educate yourself on the do’s and don’ts

for sleepwalkers and sleeptalkers.

Hannah Armstrong is a junior studying health and human performance.