Dairy Free Is the Way to Be

PC: godairyfree.org

PC: godairyfree.org

Danica Dishes


It wasn’t until recently that I learned Dunkin’ Donuts offers almond milk as an alternative in all of their drinks. As an east coast native and avid Dunkin’ fan, my heart was beyond happy to hear the news. You can’t go wrong with a Dunkin’ vanilla iced coffee with extra vanilla, and from now on non-dairy drinkers won’t have to.

You may be saying, “Wow, Danica, do you live under a rock? Coffee shops have been offering non-dairy milk for years!” Though I’m aware that offering non-dairy options isn’t a new trend, I hadn’t realized chains even as widespread as ‘Dunkin had added them to their menu. Learning about Dunkin’s almond milk alternative got me thinking about other eateries who could potentially offer non-dairy substitutes. I set my mind on a mission and spoiler alert: it ended quite nicely.

Coming in at the top of my list is another item I found by accident. While at Panera Bread one night with friends, I noticed the carb-loving chain offered a peach-blueberry smoothie with almond milk. It’s delicious; it’s healthy; it’s definitely worth a shot. Bonus points to Panera for offering almond milk as an option for their coffees as well, even though it isn’t advertised much–just ask! For just 49 cents, substitute almond milk for many of the drinks on their menu. Their hazelnut coffee is especially good!

Lincoln-based Yogurtini, Cherry on Top and Ivanna Cone all offer non-dairy sorbet options each day. I tend to favor Yogurtini, because they consistently offer two different non-dairy flavors, and I’ve never had a sorbet flavor I didn’t like. With Yogurtini’s recent expansion, it’s now even easier to get your froyo fix. Check them out at either their O St. or Cheney Ridge location.

Going back to coffee shops for a minute–if you’re a coffee fan, I’m sure you’re well aware of Starbucks’ non-dairy offerings, when it comes to subbing for soy, almond or coconut milk in your drinks. And while, yes, this is awesome in itself, Starbucks has a few other non-dairy options, and one I’d particularly like to focus on.

If you’re looking for something snacky, most Starbucks sell single serve bags of Hippeas vegan cheddar flavor puffs. These cheese-like puffs are made with chickpeas, but they honestly aren’t half bad. They don’t taste exactly like their dairy counterpart, but overall it’s a great snack choice, especially after a long, caffeinated study session.

Did I miss your favorite non-dairy alternative in the area? If so, let me know! Shoot The Clocktower an email or a tweet and join the conversation.

Danica Eylenstein is a senior studying communication.