Foreign Casualties

PC: Esther Pervis

PC: Esther Pervis


What do foreign casualties, FIFA and bubble ballers all have in common? All were names of competing teams during the recent bubble soccer tournament held Saturday Jan. 19. During an event hosted by IRROC through ASB, opposing teams bonked, bumped and buffeted each other encased in blue and red accented bubble balls, chasing a brand-new soccer ball bought for the occasion. Team FIFA was saved by a last-minute member muster, as most of their team failed to show and sadly missed out. #PolyBBA created considerable confusion about how to pronounce their name.

In the end, UFC and SAPE faced each other in the final match, and SAPE became Union’s bubble soccer champion of the year. For the rest of the evening, teams were able to sign up and play for fun.

One of FIFA’s last-minute team members, Sarah “Ande” Cherry enjoyed the night. “It was great! I could throw myself against the ground without getting hurt. I enjoyed that the game could get really aggressive without anyone getting hurt. You can literally body check someone and they go flying and everyone is fine. It’s an awesome way to have fun and get a little competitive. Everyone had a blast! There was an awesome sense of sportsmanship and teamwork. I’m glad I got to be part of this!”

Jade Covel is a sophomore studying pre-nursing.