Love, Careers and Working Out

PC: Levi Ventura

PC: Levi Ventura

Hey Hannah


Hey Hannah,

My friend’s having a really hard time but they don’t want to hear anything about God. What can I tell them?

— A Worried Friend

Be present and lend a listening ear. If your friend isn’t ready or willing to talk about God then be there to support him or her the best you can. Let this person know you’ll always be there to talk about God or anything else. Being a safe space for someone will make that person more likely to open up, rather than if you force God on that person.

Hey Hannah,

How do you know when you’re in love?

   —Olive Juice

I believe there are a million different ways to love and that everyone feels and shows love differently. In general, I think if you want to spend time with the person, do things for that person and make them happy, those can all be good indications. I think people can “fall” in love but truly loving someone is a choice. There will be hard times and there will be times when you argue or fight, but choosing to love someone through those times is what I consider truly being in love. Loving someone means wanting to make the other person happy, not just trying to get something out of the relationship for yourself. Also selfless love should go both ways.

Hey Hannah,

I’m not confident in my choice of career but it’s too late. Help!

—The Next Jim Halpert

Too late? It’s never too late! Don’t spend the rest of your life unhappy because you decided to stick it out. Taking extra time to get through school doing what you actually want to do is so much better. Study what you’re passionate about—and if this isn’t it, don’t settle!

Hey Hannah,

I’m unmotivated to work out. What do I do?

—Pilate Pete

Start by getting dressed because if you have your workout clothes on then you’ll be more likely to follow through. Believe it or not, exercise gives you more energy and clears your mind. The more you exercise, the easier it’ll be to find the motivation to keep going. Create an exercise program that works for you, whether that’s swimming, lifting weights, kickboxing or pilates. Find a workout program that you enjoy doing because then you’ll actually want to exercise. Put together a workout playlist so you have some jams to get you motivated.   Remember to stretch and drink lots of water!

Hannah Armstrong is a junior studying health and human performance.