How to Get Fit

PC: Kayla Potts

PC: Kayla Potts



One of the most common goals each New Year is to exercise more. Unfortunately, now that we’re almost to March, there are factors that can prevent college students from staying motivated like, the cold weather, lack of time or simply not knowing where to start. I want to share with you some creative and useful tips you can use to make sure you’re staying fit. 

Find a buddy 

When you a find a friend to join in on the fun, it makes the process easier. By holding each other accountable you can ensure that you both are staying on track. Having a fitness buddy also makes going to the gym less intimidating. 

Use creative spaces 

You don’t always have to hit the gym to work out. You can use fitness apps or go online and find workouts that you can do in your dorm room, the hall or by using the stairs. You can start by doing lunges, jump squats or skipping a stair or two to work on those glutes. Even something as simple as taking the stairs, parking further away or standing for part of your study time can help keep you in shape. 

Limit your time 

As college students we have a limited amount of time because of homework on top of school and work. However, you don’t have to spend hours working out. Anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour every day is good. I encourage browsing YouTube and Pinterest for short, effective workouts. 

Use Larson 

I used to be someone who shamed Larson for their tiny gym, but since the start of January, I’ve been working out there more often and I haven’t been disappointed. While supplies are limited, they have the essentials. Larson also offers free workout classes such as dance cardio and water aerobics. Utilize the pool because swimming can also serve as a great workout. 

Download an App 

There are plenty of fitness apps available for your phone and the majority of them are filled with workouts you can do in your dorm, no equipment needed. Find an app that works best for your fitness goals. I suggest trying Nike’s training app” they have good potential workouts and most of them are free. 

I challenge you to incorporate these few tips within the next few months to make a happier and healthier you. Now get out there and reach those fitness goals! 

Alaysha Harris is a senior studying communication.