Roommates, Fashion and Relationships

PC: Levi Ventura

PC: Levi Ventura

Hey Hannah


Hey Hannah, 

I have a crush on my best friend but he’s in a relationship. How do I get over him when I’m around him all the time? 


Hey Friendzoned, 

Distance yourself from this person. You don’t need to spend all your time with him, especially if you could possibly cross a line. Find someone who’s available and ask them on a date if you’re into it, or spend some quality time with yourself! Hey Hannah, 

My girlfriend won’t stop calling her dad, “daddy,” and it really creeps me out. How do I nicely ask her to stop? 

—Daddy Issues 

Get over it. Her relationship with her dad is way more important than you being creeped out. Get your head out of the gutter and accept that that’s what she calls her father. 

Hey Hannah, 

How do I have better fashion? 


What up Fash-unned, 

Experiment with styles you’ve never tried before, but make sure you’re comfortable with your clothing choices. You don’t need to wear what other people wear to have better fashion. If you like your clothes then rock your style! 

Hey Hannah, 

My roommate wants to get an apartment together this summer but I don’t really want to be her roommate anymore. How do I tell her but salvage the friendship? 


Be straight up with her. It’s better to tell her sooner rather than later so she has the chance to find a new roommate. She’ll get over it, and your friendship will be stronger because of it. Not all friends are compatible roommates. Be intentional about making plans to hang out with her. Invite her over to your new place and have a sleepover!

Hannah Armstrong is a junior studying health and human performance.