Lecrae, Zultron and The Prince of Egypt


My name is T.J. and I am the new entertainment writer. I love music, movies, T.V. and video games, which is a good thing because that’s what I plan on writing about! I am a Theology major and I enjoy hammocking, biking, hiking and working out. In this column, you will be able to read my reviews of weird movies, T.V. and rap albums. If you’re wondering why a Theology student enjoys these topics and you are interested in having a deep theological conversation about it, I get out of Greek at 3:00 p.m. This column is my way of sharing my opinions about these different niches of media and I am so excited to talk about, and even maybe introduce you, to a new artist or movie.

Prince of Eygpt.png

WinterJam is a large annual Christian concert. My family attended every year, and one year Lecrae performed. Lecrae is one of the most popular Christian rappers and he performed two of his songs. After hearing those songs I wanted to hear more. His music is different from the rest of the Christian music I was accustomed to.

I began to listen to more rap spanning all types of rap in existence. Eventually, I got old enough to appreciate artists like Kung Fu Kenny and Zultron. However, as a theology student, I do not condone everything these artists rap about. I try to surround myself with more positive messages, and ultimately that is how I want this column to be.

Entertainment and media are forms of art and I am super excited to be writing about these topics. I will cover different subjects within this art form, emphasizing the areas I most enjoy. When a new trailer for Star Wars drops you will be able to read my thoughts on it. However, remember that all my writing is opinion. Media is subjective, except for “Prince of Egypt.” That movie is objectively great.

TJ Pittinger is a freshmanstudying theology.